Cary Deuber didn't come across as the most understanding woman on last week's episode of "The Real Housewives of Dallas." Cary didn't know what Leeanne Locken had made fun of her husband behind her back, but she did decide to say that LeeAnne's boyfriend had a small penis after she learned that Rich had proposed to Locken. Cary couldn't be happy for her co-star, even though this was something LeeAnne had wanted for years and talked about on "The Real Housewives of Dallas" last year.

Instead, Deuber felt she could make fun of her co-star. Fans were shocked that she would stoop so love, especially since she claims that she and LeeAnne aren't similar at all.

They looked like they were both immature and it was clear that she stooped to a low level. Fans were not pleased with her behavior and she did address it in her Bravo blog. But it sounds like Deuber has a few more things to say about it. According to a new tweet, Cary Deuber is now revealing that she may need to learn more about her maturity in order to avoid those kinds of situations again.

Needs maturity

Cary Deuber decided to reply to a tweet that revealed that maturity is when you are able to keep your mouth shut. It sounds like she agrees that she should have stayed silent. While she can't control what LeeAnne Locken says about her husband, she can control what she says about her co-star.

Cary revealed that she wasn't quite at the maturity level where she could keep her mouth shut, but she wants to work on herself.

Perhaps she's referring to the reunion special, where Deuber will probably address these comments. Plus, the reunion special is a place where the ladies can talk about anything and everything related to the season.

Didn't address her own marriage

Even though Cary Deuber decided to talk about her comments about Rich's private parts, she didn't talk about how LeeAnne claimed that Cary's husband went to odd places to get oral sex.

Of course, Deuber has talked about their sex life on the show before so people know that Mark Deuber has an active sex drive. But LeeAnne did insinuate that he was cheating on Cary. Deuber may just be able to laugh off the rumors, but it did seem like it was rude and immature to talk about someone else's marriage, considering Locken doesn't like it when people talk about her.

What do you think about Cary Deuber's comments on Twitter about maturity and moving on? Do you think it was odd for her to make fun of Rich's private parts?