Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or, Brangelina, as dubbed by the entertainment media, have been one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. However, their relationship hit a snag last year and Angie filed for divorce from her husband. The divorce is still pending to this date.

The 42-year-old actress appeared thinner than before and admitted that the breakup took a toll on her body. Since their split, many of their fans have been hoping that they would reconcile. Now, it seems that there is a small chance that they will see each other again, except that the 53-year-old actor appeared to be reluctant.

Angie invites Brad

Recently, an insider close to Angie revealed that the actress invited Brad Pitt to go treat-or-treating with their kids during the Halloween. She knows that he loves this holiday where they can disguise themselves and appear like they are just regular people and join the others easily. Unfortunately, the actor is not thrilled by the invitation and has not confirmed that he will join the kids with their mom. It is said that he is not thinking about spending time with her at this time although he’s got others plans with their children, and that’s without her.

Brad refuses

"He has been busy working a lot and is leaning towards not participating in the trick-or-treating with the kids and his ex," the source told Hollywood Life.

"He has his own fun stuff planned with the kids to celebrate Halloween and they don’t include Angelina."

The insider went on to say that Angie realized that they need to spend time together for their children despite their failing relationship. However, as what the source said, the actor doesn’t see himself with his wife at this moment and only wants to be with their six children.

Is it possible that he is busy with someone else?

Is Brad dating someone else?

In Touch Weekly recently reported that Pitt is smitten by Ella Purnell, 21, who’s been dubbed a Jolie look-alike since she played the role of Angie’s young character in the 2014 movie “Maleficent.” According to the source, the actor did his best to cast the young British actress in the new series which the executive producer titled “Sweetbitter.”

It is said that he admires her, but Hollywood Life’s insider said that although he finds her gorgeous, he is actually not dating her in any way.

The young actress has a striking resemblance to Angie and it’s no surprise if he is infatuated with her beauty.What do you reckon that Brad Pitt seemed to have refused Angelina Jolie’s invitation to spend time with them? Will he change his mind or he only wants to see his kids without Angie?