Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after they broke up in September 2016 following an alleged altercation involving their son Maddox. The divorce is still pending, but the former couple has been the subject of controversy including one that the 53-year-old actor is smitten by Ella Purnell. The 21-year-old English actress portrayed the young version of Angie’s character in the 2014 film “Maleficent.” Since then, she was dubbed as Angie’s look-alike and an insider recently told In Touch Weekly that the actor moved heaven and earth just to cast her in the new series that he executive produce titled “Sweetbitter.” However, recent reports suggest that they are not dating and what’s between them is nothing personal.

Brad is not dating Ella

Recently, an insider revealed that Brad Pitt is definitely not dating the young actress.

“By all accounts [he’s] not dating Ella,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Sure, he admires her work and there’s no denying she’s gorgeous, but everyone around him is saying there’s no truth to this story of them dating.” Earlier reports suggest that the actor was enchanted by the British actress’ beauty, who has a striking resemblance to his wife Angie, 42.

Angie is reportedly upset

A separate insider previously told Hollywood Life that Angie is upset that her estranged husband is dating Ella, who is 32-years younger than him. It is said that although she’s been told that there is no truth to the dating rumors, the “Salt” actress is still disappointed. Earlier reports from Metro UK suggest that she has been crying in the shower throughout her divorce from Pitt.

She also admitted that it’s been hard for her as she is not used to being single. Fans have noticed she appeared to be thinner than before and everyone suggests that the divorce might have taken a toll on her body.

Brad is moving on

Brangelina was one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, but it seems that it’s already the end of an era.

The actor is reportedly ready to date again, but Angie is not thrilled, especially that she hasn’t moved on from him. Reports say that as a competitive woman, she doesn’t want him to “beat her to the punch.” Additionally, the idea that he might be dating someone who’s twice as young as the actor, it may not sound good to her.

What’s your hunch about Brad Pitt dating the Angelina Jolie look-alike actress Ella Purnell? Do you think it’s time for Angie to move on now that her estranged husband is up for dating women again?