The Kardashian family is now in another controversy as Blac Chyna sues the whole clan for allegedly preventing her and Rob Kardashian television show, “Rob & Chyna,” to have a second season. The 29-year-old star accused the Kardashians of interrupting the reality series’ filming, thus E! network decided to cancel the program.

The American model claimed that they were all ready to shoot another season, but Rob’s family used their power and influence to make it stop. However, the network itself said that her claims were not true and it was even impossible for Chyna and Rob to be together in a scene with their current situation.

The network’s claim about Chyna’s allegations

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, it claimed that Blac Chyna’s claims about the renewal of “Rob & Chyna” are not true and E! has emails to prove it.

In fact, the publication’s sources said that Rob Kardashian and Chyna already had broken when the television show started. So, they have doubts if it will be renewed for a second season. The insiders also revealed that they have documents to prove the network’s claims and the reason why the series was not picked up.

They said that it was Chyna who was making the filming impossible as she refused to be with Rob in the same room. “So there would be no plausible way to shoot another season,” the informant said.

Aside from that, the network was upset to see the series’ poor ratings.

Chyna accusing Rob of physical abuse

Aside from Blac Chyna’s allegations to the Kardashians because of her television show's, “Rob & Chyna,” cancellation, she is also suing the family for battery for the alleged domestic violence she suffered in April.

Chyna claimed that Rob Kardashian hurt her physically.

She narrated in the suit (via People) that Rob knocked her down when she tried to call Tyga, the father of Chyna’s 5-year-old son King Cairo. She allegedly fell on her hands and knees. Thus she called her son’s nanny for help.

The help took the kid away. She then locked herself in the bedroom, but Rob managed to take the hinges of Chyna’s bedroom door off.

Chyna then tried to hide in the bathroom, hid inside the closet, and locked the door. She said that she had recorded Rob’s voice while yelling and going through her closet.

According to the suit, Chyna was said to suffer “pain and difficulty of walking” for some days after the physical abuse. She even said that Rob often threatened her that he would kill himself if she didn’t quickly reply to his texts.