After yet another controversial week for the White House, Donald Trump faced massive backlash after allegedly insulting a pregnant widow of a recently fallen solider. As expected, comedian Bill Maher decided to give his thoughts.

Maher on Trump

Earlier this week, the White House was forced to deal with the deaths of four United States Green Berets which took place earlier this month during an ambush in Niger, Africa. One of the men killed during the attack was Army Sgt. La. David Johnson, who left behind his wife, Myeshia Johnson, and his two young children.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Johnson greeted the casket of her husband at the Miami International Airport, while also receiving a phone call from Donald Trump. Sitting next to her was Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson who claims the president insulted the widow by telling her that Johnson "knew what he was signing up for" in the United States military. Trump and the White House have since engaged in a war of words with Wilson over the issue, which isn't showing any signs of slowing down. In the back-drop of politics, the world of news and entertainment is still dominated by the sexual assault scandal involving film producer Harvey Weinstein, with both issues being discussed during the October 20 edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Kicking off his latest episode of "Real Time" on HBO was host Bill Maher who wasted no time digging into Donald Trump over his botched phone call to a fallen solider's widow.

"I'm hesitant to say the president hit a new low but you might think it's a repeat," Maher said. "This is another week for the history books. And also for the books on abnormal psychology," he added.

"Trump called the pregnant widow of a dead American solider to console her and poured salt in the wound and ended up feuding with her all week," Bill Maher said."If you can take a week where it was revealed that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted every single female in show-business, and still be the worst fat creep, that's pretty good," Maher stated sarcastically.

"All of this came about because of the same Trump pattern," Bill Maher prefaced, stating, "bluff, lie, attack." Maher then went on to explain how the president lied about writing letters to the family's of fallen soldiers, which included the details of Trump's promise to send a $25,000 check to one of the families, which didn't come until the story was made public.

The popular host then debunked Trump's claim that Rep. Wilson listened in on the aforementioned phone call, adding, "what kind of creaton in the history of world had to deny something he said during a condolence call?"

Maher on Weinstein

Following his opening monologue, Bill Maher sat down with Janice Min, the owner of the Hollywood Reporter, to discuss the Harvey Weinstein scandal and took another shot at the commander in chief. "I've heard conservatives say it took a village to help Harvey Weinstein," Maher said, while adding, "It also took a village to elect the other sexual predator.

Next up

While Bill Maher and others continue to take jabs at Donald Trump on a daily and weekly basis, the president has many other issues to worry about. In addition to his feud with a Democratic congressman, Trump has the future of health care and reform on his plate, as well as the uncertain grudge with North Korea hanging in the balance.