It's no secret that Fox News and MSNBC have their fair share of partisan hosts. After an MSNBC host brought on her mother to criticize Donald Trump, the network's conservative rival decided to lash out.

Fox News on MSNBC

For the better part of the last two decades. Fox News has dominated the ratings when it comes to cable news. While others like CNN and MSNBC have been viewed as politically left of center, Fox News decide to pander to conservatives and became the number one go-to channel for right-wing leaning news and opinion. The partisan divide on cable news only widened during the years Barack Obama was in office, before going to another level with the start of the 2016 presidential election and the candidacy of Donald Trump.

With Trump's controversial tone and rhetoric, the majority of the hosts on Fox News stood by the former host of "The Apprentice," with most on CNN and MSNBC speaking out in opposition. On Friday morning, Stephanie Ruhle brought on her mother, Louise Ruhle, to be a guest on her morning show. Louise came forward with the fact that she voted for Trump, before criticizing him in a rant. As reported by Mediaite on October 20, a Fox News host and her guests on Thursday afternoon weren't pleased.

On the Thursday edition of "Outnumbered Overtime," Fox News host Harris Faulker and company ripped into Stephanie Ruhle and her mother, accusing the duo of creating a political "stunt" to gain ratings at the expense of the president.

"Yikes," Faulker said. "This is obviously a stunt. A stunt for ratings," Capri Cafaro went on to say.

Fellow panel guest Tammy Bruce then chimed in, saying it was "some kind of desperation" for Ruhle to use her mother to target the president.

"It’s interesting, because sometimes you see some sort of response to this," Harris Faulkner said, before adding, "this got nothing."

Ruhle's take

During the segment in question, Louise Ruhle didn't hold back her thoughts about Donald Trump and the apparent regret she has about voting for him.

"I did vote for you. I am disappointed in the job you're doing," Louise said, while adding, "I know you didn't prepare." "You weren't ready for all the things that come down your way," she continued, before suggesting Trump "work a little bit harder" and to "listen to the women around you." As of press time, neither Trump nor the White House have offered a comment about the MSNBC segment that received backlash from some at Fox News.