The latest updates and spoilers for the fourth "Avengers" movie reveal that Jeremy Renner's character, Clint Barton, will likely abandon his "Hawkeye" code name and adopt a new persona, Ronin. Twitter user Weeping Angel posted several behind-the-scenes images of Renner on the film's set, wearing new boots -- similar to the ninja warrior.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talked about Captain Marvel's role and impact on the final events of Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Enter Ronin

In the comics, Clint Barton took the Ronin persona after Norman Osborn appointed Bullseye as the new Hawkeye in his twisted version of the Avengers during the "Dark Reign" arc.

Clint as Ronin led his own team on heroic missions and stopped Osborn from ruining the Avengers' name and legacy.

Screenrant speculated that Clint takes the Ronin alias in "Avengers 4" to hide from Iron Man and the government as he continues his heroic duties. He is now a wanted war criminal after Captain America rescued him, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, and Falcon from the Raft prison.

The events of "Avengers 4" will take place on Earth and Clint will reunite with his fellow MCU heroes for a final showdown with Thanos and his Infinity Stones. The sequel also teased the return of "Iron Man 3" supporting character Harley Keener, and the possible major death of a beloved MCU character.

Captain Marvel's role in Phase 3

Kevin Feige revealed new details about Carol Danvers in the MCU as he told IndieWire that she will be a huge factor at the end of Phase 3.

"There are a lot of discussions, they all focus on post-Phase Three, 'Avengers' 4 films, so nothing that we'll get into publicly. We're focussing on the 'Captain Marvel' and the work that Anna and Ryan are doing," Feige said.

"It's going to be a big part of heading towards this epic conclusion and epic finale of 22 movies over the course of 10 years."

Carol Danvers will make her MCU debut in her self-titled movie and it will take place in the 90's. Carol's movie will focus on her origin story and her first encounter with the alien shapeshifters, The Skrulls.

The movie will also feature a young Nick Fury.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes will have to work together with the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight Thanos and his Black Order from getting the Time and Mind Stones on Earth. Captain America and Iron Man must set aside their differences in order to reunite the team and prevent the Mad Titan from reshaping the universe.