"Alaskan Bush People" matriarch Ami Brown recently finished her treatment and is taking a rest in a California home. But new reports indicate that she is currently preparing for another round of chemotherapy. This news worries fans of the show since Ami isn't well yet. In fact, there isn't any news about the show's eighth season because Ami cannot do the filming.

Another chemotherapy?

Everyone knows that things had been challenging for Ami and the Brown family since her lung cancer diagnosis last year. Aside from the emotional struggle, the family is facing, they also need to move to Colorado for Ami's treatment.

This is indeed a big change from their usual cabin in the Alaskan wilderness.

Although previous reports had stated that she was already out of the hospital and is currently resting, Facebook page Alaskan Bush People Exposed claims that she is now preparing for another round of chemotherapy which will take place soon. If this is indeed true, fans of the Brown family are praying that everything will turn out well after this next cancer treatment.

An expensive California mansion

Since Ami needs to go to the hospital every now and then, the Browns chose to stay in a house near the UCLA Medical Center. They currently live in a Beverly Hills mansion which is worth $2.7 million. The house is very different from their Alaskan home, but it is a better place for the family when considering the condition of Ami.

The home has an in-ground pool, five bedrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, and four bathrooms. It has a master suite that features a Jacuzzi and a sunlight master bedroom. It also comes with a backyard where the family can enjoy an outdoor bonding time together. The place is perfect for Ami, where she can take a good rest, especially is she is preparing for another chemo session.

Ami remains positive

Despite her condition, Ami said that she will continue fighting. She believes that there is still hope since she has faith in God. She also wants her children to remain strong, adding that things can be hard but they need to shine and be happy.

Ami also said that it could be her last days and that it is very easy to just give up and die.

But instead of thinking negative things, she prefers to dwell on the positive ones, which may help her heal. Many people had been following her battle with cancer. She is hoping that her condition can inspire other people, especially those who are facing the same health risk as hers.