Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been dating for over a year now. They seem to be so much in love. At least that is what the 36-year-old actress revealed in the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Fans of the couple have seen some changes that Meghan has already made. When she gets engaged and married to the fifth in line to the throne of England, she will have to make some major changes in her life. In fact, her life will change so drastically that it will never be the same.

No acting career or social media

Meghan has a starring role in the hit legal drama, "Suits" where she has worked her way up from being a paralegal to an attorney.

If she gets engaged and marries Prince Harry, she will have to give up her acting career. Grace Kelly gave up acting when she became Princess of Monaco.

Meghan shut down her blog, "The Tig" months ago. She has also given up her social media presence and her assignments as a fashion designer. She uses her time to promote her charities which is in line with what she will do as the wife of a royal.

No politics

Even though Markle is concerned about social and racial issues, she will not be able to get involved in politics in any way. She will be forbidden to discuss politics and share any of her views. She will never get to vote again or ever run for a political office.

Pecking order and protection

Meghan will have to learn the pecking order because the royals do everything in formation. That includes knowing where to sit and stand especially when taking photos with the royal family. She'll have to arrive in a room and sit in royal ranking order. She will be able to sit with Harry at some functions after they are married but not until then.

Nobody does anything until Queen Elizabeth does it first. All members of the royal family pay close attention to the queen so they will know what to do. If she is standing, the family must stand. If she is sitting, then the entire family must sit.

Meghan will be well protected by a team of bodyguards. She already has a security team around her and she is not engaged yet.

Name will change

The many changes Meghan will be subjected to include a name change. She will get a formal title and will no longer be referred to as Meghan Markle even though the Duchess of Cambridge is often referred to as Kate Middleton. She will not be a princess because she was not born of royal blood.

As of now, the actress is into fashion. After marriage, she will be encouraged to dress more modestly. She will not be able to choose her own wedding gown and veil.

While Meghan will have to give up a number of things, she will also gain some things. She is already successful, but marrying into the royal family will guarantee an upgraded lifestyle. It is unclear what budget she would have, but Harry has an estimated $40 million.