Aaron Carter shared a post-Rehab photo of him on Saturday, which featured a healthier looking body. Carter returned to social media and he revealed gaining 30 pounds in just a few weeks. He took to Instagram and left a caption that says, "On the left 115 on the right 145. "Continuing to focus on myself and my health. Sorry I couldn't wait to show you till 2018 ... Needed some time to heal and this is a direct result."

In a report obtained by USA Today, Carter, who left social media in September, took a much-needed break to focus more on his health.

In the midst of his progress, he also expressed his gratitude by thanking his fans for their never-ending support.

Working through rehab

Carter reportedly went to rehab for the past few weeks. According to representative Steven Honig, the singer needs to focus on improving his total wellness before he returns to work in 2018. When the singer came out as bisexual via a Twitter post in the past few months, he immediately took an HIV test on "The Doctors."

The results came back negative; however, he tested positive for marijuana and other prescription drugs. Following his test results, one of his doctors revealed that he was not physically healthy and he needs to work on improving his health in the soonest time possible.

Drastic change in his body

Following the latest photo which Carter posted on Instagram, his followers were quick to send him praises for his improvement. The "Sooner or Later" singer shared his side-by-side photo on October 7, which showed a really good difference from his body before he entered the rehab.

In the midst of his improvement, Carter added that he'll continue to work on his total well-being and spend more time healing.

Most of his fans congratulated him for finally gaining a good amount of weight in less than a month. The musician also added that he misses his fans a lot and that he's very excited to get back on his shows.

One of his followers said that the singer looked amazing and very healthy.

While Carter promised to continue improving his health, one of his followers added that they are very excited to see his upcoming transformation. Indeed, the former child star looked great following rehab.

Most of his followers were beyond happy and thankful for his changes. US Weekly further reported that Carter checked out from rehab two weeks ago. A representative of Carter told reporters that some personal matters required his immediate attention which made him decide to check out from the facility.