It has been a while since YG Entertainment (YGE) announced that 2NE1 has decided to officially disband. The sad news came earlier this year after former member Gong Min-Ji, who goes by her stage name Minzy, left the group and the agency in April 2016.

The group went on an indefinite hiatus despite assuring fans that the K-pop girl group would go on to continue promoting as a trio until the agency had no choice but to announce that the members of 2NE1 finally decided to part ways and pursue solo projects. The group released their final song “Goodbye,” which was based on a letter that group leader CL initially wrote for Minzy, on Jan.


Park Bom to return to YGE?

Park Bom’s situation that time most likely also contributed to the group’s eventual disbandment because she was engulfed in a scandal and her career took a huge toll from it. Bom laid low for a while and just recently, she’s started interacting with fans through her official social media accounts and even expressed that she’d like to sing again.

It seems like Bom’s wish is coming true and fans might just see Bom back in action again. In a recently uploaded promotional video for “YG Electronics,” there were hints that the 2NE1 member will most likely appear in the show. YG Entertainment has been preparing for their new sitcom called “YG Strategy Reference Room,” which is also simply referred to as “YG Electronics.”

YG Entertainment’s new sitcom

The second trailer was released on Oct.

13 and featured members of the Epik High gathered in a studio. Out of the blue, DJ Kukutz, who is one of the members of the said veteran idol group, admitted that he was missing the members of 2NE1.

Shortly after that comment, the trailer showed YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-Suk saying that they will be meeting up some time with Park Bom.

However, the new trailer ended with DJ Tukutz being surprised, saying “Park Bom is coming over?” which is most likely a hint that the 2NE1 member might just show up in the sitcom anytime soon.

YG Electronics” hasn’t fully divulged what it’s going to be all about but the trailers hint that it’ll be some sort of reality show covering everyday scenes within YG Entertainment.

The trailer videos have featured several of the artists from the label, talking about their CEO and some openly making amusing remarks about Yang Hyun-Suk.

The show has been rescheduled to air in December this year and YG Entertainment has yet to decide on the broadcasting station where they can air their new sitcom.