Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has released his new music video for his song, “Dusk ‘Till Dawn.” The action-packed music video is complete with a police standoff, explosives, a Jaguar car, and some scenes from what appeared to be a Chinese town.

The song, also, features a vocal performance from Sia. “Dusk ‘Till Dawn” was released on September 7, following a social media teaser released on September 1, where Malik revealed that actress Jemima Kirke is joining him in the video. Since the video was released, it has earned more than 11 million views on YouTube.

According to his Twitter post, the singer really enjoyed making this new music video. He wrote, “Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.”

Even his co-star Kirke shared her excitement when the video was officially released. The actress shared a clip of herself singing along to the new single while eating some cereal, according to her Twitter account.

‘Dusk ‘Till Dawn’

The main theme of the song is about a man who is expressing his interest for the girl despite the obstacles around them – thus the lines, “I’ll hold you when things go wrong / I’ll be with you from dusk ‘till dawn.”

The lyrics also read in the beginning, “Not trying to be indie, not trying to be cool.” The music video ran for more than five minutes, featuring scenes from Chinatown, Asian actors, policemen chasing Malik’s character, and a short skit in the middle of the clip.

The couple, played by Malik and Kirke, is trying to escape from the authorities as they hide their identity. Somewhere in the middle of the video, Malik is questioned by police officers who also searched through his briefcase only to find his clothes.

There were also scenes that included explosions and Malik driving a high-speed Jaguar away from a group of men.

The featured artist Sia did not appear in the music video but showcased her vocal prowess to support the male singer’s tone.

Completely bald

In the music video, the male singer’s hair is dyed and sported a very short look. However, during the celebration of the Muslim feast a few days ago, the mother of his girlfriend Gigi Hadid posted a photo of the singer with his hair shaved completely bald.

The Sun reported that Malik had this style because of allegedly putting too much bleach that he had to shave the entire hair off to still look nice. This falsified the claims which said that he decided to shave his hair bald because of hair loss, the news website added. The singer is always seen changing his hair style from time to time.