Stephanie Hollman may have known that she would not be equal in her marriage because she married into money. In her introduction to "The Real Housewives of Dallas," she reveals that she married for the money, but she stayed because of her family. She clearly loves the family she has created, including her husband and her children. However, Stephanie may not have expected her husband to make big decisions without her. They were living in a mansion when they started filming "The Real Housewives of Dallas," but Stephanie wanted to get closer to Dallas because of her children's schools.

According to a new report, Stephanie Hollman is now speaking out about her marriage and she reveals she wasn't happy with her husband's decision to buy a house without her. In addition, he mocked her in front of their interior designer, revealing that he got to make the decisions because he's making the money.

A controlling partner?

After Monday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Dallas," many viewers feel that he was a very controlling husband and Stephanie should speak out against him when he makes dumb comments about money and power.

"But what I do know is what is best for my family, and that is what is proving to be difficult for us in this situation. Travis is seeing this through “profit” eyes; I am seeing it through my “mom” eyes!

Mama is not backing down on this!" Stephanie Hollman has revealed in her Bravo blog about her marriage and it is shocking to hear that her husband controls the decisions simply because he makes the money.

During Monday's episode of the show, Travis revealed that he made the money and he gets to control everything. Many people would disagree with him.

Hollman also bought the house without informing his wife. He did it as a surprise, but one can imagine he did it because he really wanted a new house and he had the means to buy the home. Many fans see it as a power move.

Who wins in the end?

It has been months since Stephanie Hollman learned that her husband bought the house without her knowing.

She wasn't happy about the pool in the living room and she wanted it covered. He wanted to leave it open, as he felt it was a nice feature in the living room. On Twitter, Stephanie shared a picture of the pool covered, which means she won this argument. Just because he's making the money, doesn't mean he gets all of the say.

What do you think of Stephanie Hollman's decision to speak out against her husband and his comments that he gets to decide because he makes the money?