Celebrity Big Brother” rumors are already crisscrossing social media mere hours after CBS made the announcement of the new show. There are also a lot of fake rumors getting posted by people who don’t know much about the reality competition show. For instance, Floyd Mayweather Jr. isn’t going to appear on “Celebrity Big Brother” this winter, no matter how many times someone might claim it.

In fact, fans of the show might want to temper their expectations when it comes to cast members. A good example of the level of celebrity that is likely to appear on the show is given by “Dancing With the Stars” over on ABC.

They have notable and recognizable athletes, actors/actresses, and celebrities, but nobody would confuse anyone of them being on the “A” list for Hollywood.

How will the new season of ‘Big Brother’ work?

“Big Brother” host Julie Chen just made the announcement during the September 7 episode of “Big Brother 19” that CBS and producers would be trying a new format. They haven’t even started offering spots on the program to the celebrities, let alone begun to reveal the details of how it is all going to work. That leaves a lot of wiggle room to figure out the ins and outs before the “Celebrity Big Brother” season premiere airs this winter.

There are going to be a lot of “Celebrity Big Brother” rumors, even as “Big Brother 19” continues its successful season on the network.

When it does finally air on CBS, there are expectations that this will be a shortened season, likely because it is difficult for celebrities at any level of the spectrum to get cut off from the real world. That might cause a lot of potential cast members to pass on the show.

When will the celebrity version of the reality competition begin?

There are currently “Celebrity Big Brother” rumors that the show will air on CBS beginning in January or February. When producers are talking about the show, they are referring to a 2018 debut, which would make sense for the network. That would allow people to enjoy the end of the “Big Brother 19” season and give the casting director a lot of time to put together an exciting and interesting cast for this winter.

People who fans should not expect to see on the show include celebrities like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Tom Hanks, Katy Perry, and Brad Pitt. That’s not the tier of celebrities that any of these reality competition shows work with, let alone ones that could take place over a span of several weeks. Even without the biggest names out there, the new format should be very interesting for viewers in the United States.