CBS has just aired the pilot episode of its new comedy show, Young Sheldon as an early preview. The show was initially set to make its first broadcast in November officially but with the preview out, the second episode will then be aired next week to follow the initial schedule.

“Young Sheldon” was announced last year and ever since the cast was confirmed and the official trailer was released, fans especially of “The Big Bang Theory” television series earnestly looked forward to the prequel spin-off. The new comedy show did not disappoint when it aired its first episode.

Spin-off starts with a big bang

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Young Sheldon” is the biggest comedy premiere in four years and thanks to the critics and viewership ratings, it currently holds the highest debut ratings for a comedy show after airing a strong episode, which earned favorable reviews from various sources. The pilot episode gained an impressive 3.8 in 1 – 49 with 17.2 million viewers tuning in, which is already a huge feat for a new show.

With the fall season easing in, there’s no doubt that a line of potentially great new shows and new seasons of already loved shows are coming. “Young Sheldon” and ABC’s new show, “The Good Doctor” are the two biggest contenders this fall but the latter trails behind the new CBS sitcom with 11.2 million viewers.

Meet the cast

“Young Sheldon” is a spin-off prequel of the popular television series, “The Big Bang Theory” and thanks to the latter being one of the current household titles, the new spin-off was able to gain a lot of audience with ease. However, despite being entirely about Sheldon Cooper’s life, the show has also to thank the cast, who have actually nailed their respective characters and lured in more viewers.

Iain Armitage plays the lead role of nine-year-old Sheldon, the small wonder with the big brain, and he is surrounded by his family that is still intact on the show. Zoe Perry plays the role of Sheldon’s mother, Mary, who is also played by actress Laurie Metcalf in “The Big Bang Theory.” Raegan Revord portrays Sheldon's adorable young twin sister.

Sheldon’s older brother and father were finally introduced, and they are played by actors Montana Jordan and Lance Barber, respectively. Sheldon’s grandmother who is fondly known as Meemaw will also be in “Young Sheldon, ” but she has yet to make her debut appearance on the show. Actress Annie Potts has been cast to portray Meemaw.

The chemistry of the cast who make up the foundation of young Sheldon’s upbringing is just great. They’re almost the typical family with children quarreling a lot and two parents who don’t see eye to eye but make sure that they’re doing their best for their family.

The filial affections are displayed through uncanny situations, which are usually centered on Sheldon’s random episodes. The people behind “Young Sheldon” have perfectly delivered a show that boasts of both comedy and drama and thanks to the strong preview, millions of fans just can't wait to see the next episodes.