After a long wait, CBS has finally aired the pilot episode of the new television sitcom, Young Sheldon.” The series was announced as early as November 2016 and it wasn’t until May this year that it was confirmed.

A potentially great comedy

With young actor Iain Armitage leading the cast, landing the role as young Sheldon Cooper, the new series looks promising as it opens up the innocent past of one of the most beloved characters from “The Big Bang Theory.” Jim Parsons narrates the series as the adult Sheldon and he also happens to be one of the executive producers of the new CBS show.

The first season of “Young Sheldon” is set to officially air in November, but on Sept. 15th, CBS aired the first episode as a special preview, which was received with fairly high ratings and favorable reviews. The first episode gained at least 17 million viewers. The second episode titled "Rockets, Communist, and the Dewey Decimal System" is already set to be released on Nov. 2nd.

Recap of first episode

The first episode showed everything that was revealed in the official trailer, which was released earlier this year. It introduces the star of the show, a 9-year old Sheldon Cooper, who still lives with his mother, father, and two siblings in East Texas. The series explores young Sheldon’s adventures as he ventures into high school at a very young age.

His teachers don't like him and Sheldon doesn't like mingling with his classmates.

Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” are fairly acquainted with the fact that Sheldon is a genius and he has skipped levels in school because of his being gifted. However, this is the first time fans will be seeing how Sheldon actually coped with his childhood.

His older brother, George Jr., and his father, George, were finally introduced. Unlike these two characters, Sheldon’s mother, Mary, and her twin sister were already revealed in their older years in the original show. “Young Sheldon” delves into Sheldon’s relationship with his family as well as the jump start of his career as the youngest kid from East Texas to receive his first Ph.D.

The new comedy show slowly takes viewers into Sheldon’s first day in high school, his various relationships with his family members, and his unknown skills, which proved further of how much of a genius he was. Despite leaning on science, Sheldon actually had a knack for music and was even recommended by one of the teachers to pursue music but the young one turned it down because of his uncanny beliefs.

The biggest highlight in the first episode is seeing Sheldon in a new light, being a naive child who looks up to his mother as his guardian angel and his father, who he dearly respected. His relationship with his siblings are on the rocks, as hinted in the show, but there are hopes that their relationship will be explored more in the upcoming episodes.