CBS has recently announced that they will be going forward with a spin-off of their popular series, "The Big Bang Theory." According to reports, the show will be a prequel that will focus on the young life of the character, Sheldon Cooper.

‘Young Sheldon’ has a new cast, but an old narrator

The network has reportedly handed out a straight-to-series order, suggesting that there will be no need for a pilot for the 2017-18 broadcast season. The show currently has the title, “Young Sheldon.”

Due to the nature of the show as a prequel, the character of Sheldon, originated by Jim Parsons in the original show, will be played by actor, Iain Armitage.

The character's mother, Mary Cooper, will be played by actress Zoe Perry, taking on the role from Laurie Metcalf. The casting is a bit of an in-joke as Perry is the daughter of Metcalf in real life. Reagan Revord will play Missy, Sheldon's twin sister. Lance Barber will play George Cooper, Sheldon's father. Montana Jordan will play George Junior, Sheldon's older brother. Although Parsons will likely not appear on-screen as the Sheldon character, it has been said that he will serve as a sort of narrator on the show, suggesting that the show will be about the characters as an adult remembering his past.

What do we know about the upcoming show?

The character of Sheldon Cooper will be re-imagined as a nine-year-old little boy growing up in East Texas who goes to high school.

Reportedly, the series will take inspiration from “Malcom in the Middle.” That said, much of what to expect in the upcoming show is said to be kept under-wraps.

Some crew members from the original show are expected to work on the new show, which is officially being created by Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro. However, co-creator of the original show, Bill Prady, is not attached to work on the prequel series.

The series joins a list of spin-offs in the works this upcoming television season. Reportedly, ABC has a spin-off of "The Goldbergs" in the works that will likely be set in the 1990's. Added to that, the series "Black-ish" also has a spin-off in the works that is expected to have a collegial setting and will star Yara Shahidi.