"Young Sheldon" is Jim Parson's pet project. He conceptualized the prequel to the long-running comedy show on television "The Big Bang Theory." CBS has revealed the first look, and Iain Armitage is no doubt the young Sheldon's exact image. Wearing a buttoned polo, bow-tie, and long pants carrying a quite large attache case, he looked like he is going to be the future prodigy.

He looks like the epitome of a good boy coming from a conservative family with parents that brought him up morally-straight. He appears to be quite mature for his age.

How Jim Parsons came up with the show

The idea that came to Jim Parsons' mind originated when he decided it is time to make another series that will be closely related to the original show. He was reluctant at first because according to him, no one knows if the viewers will like it or not. Then he thought about his smart nephew back home, and an idea popped up that it is going about his young life. When he presented the idea to show creator Chuck Lorre, he readily gave a go signal about the project. Sheldon himself will narrate it.

When photos of the young Armitage was posted on social media, people got interested, and so the project's fate was sealed. Parsons who has been producing TV shows is the executive producer.

CBS held an audition to look for the young actor that will play the role of the "Young Sheldon." "Big Little Lies" child actor Iain Armitage got the role. He plays the son of Shailene Woodley on the show. Jim Parsons said that the boy impressed him and believed that he can play the role realistically.

Young Sheldon's origins revealed

Based on the synopsis, young Sheldon Cooper skipped four grades to start high school and became his elder brother's classmate. Often bullied and misunderstood by people around him including his family, his mother conditioned his mind to be proud of his father and brother who were both into football.

His twin sister who was not as intelligent as he was, was left in fourth grade but knows that her twin brother has that special talent in him.

The show will air on September 25 with a time slot following "The Big Bang Theory." The stellar cast is composed of Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper, Jim Parsons as the older Sheldon, Raegan Revord as Missy Cooper, and Iain Armitage as the "Young Sheldon." Marcia Ann Burrs, Doc Farrow, Wyatt McClure, Rex Linn, Brian Stepanek, Lance Barber, Melissa Tang, Montana-Jordan, and Danielle Pinnock are also in the cast. The show is directed by Jon Favreau with Steven Molaro as co-creator.