Josh Brolin must find himself in a unique situation. After all, he is portraying two Marvel Comics characters for two separate franchises being adapted by two different studios. His first role in this vein is the alien overlord Thanos, the overall bad guy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and set to come center stage in 2018’s “Avengers: Infinity War.”

And then he was cast to play the cyborg mutant soldier from the future, Cable, in the sequel to the 2016 X-Men-related Fox movie “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds. Brolin had already teased the makeup and prosthetics that goes into his role as the character, but now the lead star has shared the finished product on Twitter.

Reynolds the ‘Cable’ provider

This Monday, August 7, saw Ryan Reynolds tweeting two photos on his Twitter page. These depict Josh Brolin in full makeup and costume as Cable, the secondary main character in “Deadpool 2.” First shown is a mug shot of Brolin with prosthetic scars, grayed hair, and one glowing cybernetic eye, giving the viewer a shush with his cyborg left hand. The second photo is an upper body shot, with the actor in fatigues with ammo bandoleers (and a teddy bear?) toting an assault rifle over his right shoulder.

This picture also shows off his cybernetic limb prosthetics in exquisite detail, with an all-mechanical whole left arm, and the hints of sinewy-looking cyber-muscle along the left side of Brolin’s neck.

Reynolds, who is both lead star (as Deadpool) and producer of the film by 20th Century Fox, was in prime form with his witty commentary on the photos. In the close-up he describes Brolin’s character as a “grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future.” For the body shot he prides himself in a pun-laden way as “Your premium #Cable provider.”

From the future

The character named Cable is a sometimes-prominent fixture of the X-Men corner of Marvel Comics.

Hailing from a post-apocalyptic future, he is a soldier and a mutant who has time-traveled to the past in order to change certain events in history in order to prevent the rise of his dark future time. Cable is also a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic potential, and one retcon to his backstory would have him to be the future son of the X-Men field leader Cyclops.

Ryan Reynolds’ photo previews of Josh Brolin as Cable is but the second in his character teases for “Deadpool 2.” Days earlier he did the same for Zazie Beetz, who portrays Domino. The second Deadpool film will premiere in cinemas in June 2018.