Patty Jenkins is officially on board the sequel to the mega hit film “Wonder Woman,” as she closed a deal with Warner Bros. and DC Film to write, direct and produce the next installment of the critically acclaimed movie, according to various media accounts.

Variety reports that the agreement will also make Jenkins the highest paid female director of all time as she will apparently receive a salary within the $8 million range.

Although this news is already expected in the industry, given the great success the first movie had both at the box office and the critics, the official announcement of the deal just came now.

Star Gal Gadot had already agreed to reprise her title role in the follow-up film.

Wonder Woman II reportedly, is set to be shown in theaters, December 13, 2019.

Already working on the sequel

Back in June, DC Film’s Geoff Johns revealed to Variety that he and director Patty Jenkins were already working on the sequel with the intent to create another remarkable “Wonder Woman” movie. Johns added that they already had a “cool idea” for the next installment of the film.

Geoff Johns, who, together with Jon Berg oversees the DC Film universe for Warner Bros., described working with Jenkins on the first film similar to having a “blast,” so it is expected that they will maintain such great relationship as they work on the sequel together.

Possible storyline

The “Wonder Woman II” storyline is still unknown as of this time given that Jenkins and Johns are still exploring ideas for the film. But there were small hints from those involved in the project that could give fans a general sense of what to expect with the sequel.

For instance, Warner Bros. Pictures executive Toby Emmerich revealed to Variety that the timeline of “Wonder Woman II” is not World War I but it still will be set in the past.

Another hint came from director Patty Jenkins who said in various interviews few days after the movie opened in theaters that the sequel’s location is no longer in Europe but in the United States.

Now that Jenkins is officially on board the project, the writer director can concentrate more on making the film’s storyline, which has a lot to live up to given the success of “Wonder Woman” worldwide.

'Wonder Woman’s' commercial and critical success

“Wonder Woman,” which was made on a $150 million budget, has earned over $400 million in the United States’ box office and over $800 million in theaters around the world. It was also well received by critics getting a 92% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.