Is Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter’s marriage going south? William's husband has been allegedly cheating on her for a decade. According to new reports, Hunter had a 10-year affair with a hot young massage therapist while he is still married to "The Wendy Williams Show" host. Hunter reportedly loves both women, so he is trying with all his might to keep both. He splits his time to be with his wife and mistress because he couldn’t afford to lose either one. But is the “Death by Gossip Wendy Williams” host aware that her man is keeping another woman?

Hunter has allegedly been cheating for a decade

Williams, 53, and Hunter, 46, have been married for 20 years. But half of this period, Hunter has allegedly been romantically involved with a hot masseuse who is two decades younger than the celebrity talk show host. According to Daily Mail, Hunter had a decade-long love affair with Sharina Hudson, 32. He reportedly moved her from his two-bedroom condo in Ft. Lee to the secluded home in Morristown. Hudson's new home is worth $765,000 and is nine miles away from his family home.

In addition to this, Hudson was seen rocking a diamond band on her ring finger. The couple was also seen together just days after Hunter and Williams enjoyed a vacation in Barbados.

On the said trip, Williams sported a tiny black bikini that that highlighted her slim figure, chest, and tight tummy. However, not everyone was impressed with her guts.

T.I. reportedly commented that Williams looked like an upside-down spoon. However, the "Think Like a Man" star didn't mind because she is happy and confident of her body.

In fact, she said that she can joke about herself before others can.

Back to Hunter's alleged cheating, he reportedly manages Williams' career and runs a production that they jointly own. Meanwhile, Williams' spokesperson, Ronn Torossian denied Hunter's affairs with Hudson. According to him, Hunter and Hudson are just friends and that they are not an item.

Nothing significant exists between the two.

Fans fear Williams is anorexic after shocking weight loss

In related news, Williams shocked her fans with her impressive weight loss. The celebrity host is far from her obese body. However, some fans are concerned that she has an eating disorder.

Williams has been open about her struggles with weight loss. In fact, she said that she had tried "all kinds of crazy diets" until she found her own Wendy William's weight loss plans. Her diet involves major food swaps, avoiding refined sugar and dairy and "no food after dark" method. However, aside from the diet, Williams confessed that she also went under the knife. She had a plastic surgery in 2009.