Wayne Rooney has been making a lot of headlines lately – all for the wrong reasons. On September 1, the football star was arrested on charges of Drinking And Driving. Soon after, pictures of him partying with an unknown woman (later discovered to be Laura Simpson) surfaced online. Rooney’s pregnant wife, Coleen who was staying over at her parent’s in Spain, was quick to return home in order to process the situation. The couple’s confrontation did not end well, as the mother-of-three was pictured storming out of their mansion. Following which, Rooney even told his close friends that he thinks his marriage is now officially over.

Coleen and Rooney's relationship

According to a new report by The Sun, a source close to the matter has stated that after a lot of discussion with her family, Coleen has decided to give Rooney a “last chance.” This is reportedly being done only for the sake of her three sons, and the fourth child that is on its way.

Coleen is very passionate about keeping her family together, a close friend was quoted as saying. What comes across as confusing as Coleen’s latest tweet that reads, “Would love to meet all these so called friends of mine who know me so well.” It has been believed that she is referring to the “close source” quoted by The Sun. This also indicates that she is isn’t ready to forgive Rooney as yet.

The story so far regarding the incident

According to The Sun, the cops discovered Wayne Rooney in a state of intoxication behind-the-wheel, last Friday at around 2 AM. He was returning home after a drinking session in Cheshire. The football star was accompanied by Laura Simpson, and they both were driving in the VW Beetle. Simpson claimed that Rooney made suggestive comments at her, and they could even possibly spend the night if the cops hadn’t stopped them.

During this time, Coleen was on a vacation with her three children, Kai, Klay, and Kit. By the time she returned home, Rooney was already out of custody. He is set to appear before The Magistrate towards the end of this month for his crimes.

Rumors of their marriage ending began when Coleen was photographed as not wearing her wedding ring.

Coleen’s close friends have said that she has tolerated a lot of things in the past but this is beyond her tolerance. She is very angry and is considering divorce, they added. The only reason why she would even think about giving Rooney another chance is her children. Fans are hoping that the couple will stay together.