Amber Portwood recently did something that her fans encouraged her to do for months. The "Teen Mom OG" star had been dating Matt Baier for a few years, but fans didn't think that he was the right one for her. On the previous season of the show, Amber learned that Matt wanted to marry her but when he faced resistance, he changed his mind. He also slammed Amber's family behind her back, something she wasn't too happy about. She thought that they were a strong couple but many things resulted in their split. These days Amber appears happier than ever, as she's now dating a television producer from "marriage boot camp."

According to a new Instagram post, Amber Portwood is now revealing that she doesn't care about people's comments about her new relationship.

Some people thought that she may have moved on too quickly and it sounds like they are letting their thoughts be known. It is quite possible that Portwood doesn't want to hear about it, as she moved on with her new boyfriend months ago. In fact, it sounds like Amber and her new boyfriend Andrew are in a long distance relationship and Matt is back in Las Vegas.

Not getting support

While Amber Portwood didn't go into detail about people's comments, it sounds like some of her followers are not happy with her recent decisions. On Instagram, Amber lashed out at these people, calling them trolls.

"You are sad losers hiding behind your phone's or computers judging someone's life acting like God. To me you are nobody.

So unless you are in front of my face STFU Understand!" Amber Portwood revealed on Instagram, lashing out at people who are clearly being rude for the sake of being rude.

Of course, Amber is choosing to film various reality shows, including "Teen Mom OG" and "Marriage Boot Camp," so it makes sense that people are judging what they are seeing.

As for Amber, she doesn't appreciate this at all.

Questioning sobriety

Just this weekend, Amber Portwood posted a picture of what looked like the beach. In the picture, there was a bottle tucked into the sand. While it did look like sparkling water, many of her followers questioned whether she was indeed sober. This could just be another effort to make her feel bad about her decisions and judge her on something that isn't even relevant. Perhaps this is why Portwood is so angry with her followers these days.

What do you think about Amber Portwood lashing out at her followers and fans? What do you think she should do about it?