DC Comics' "Watchmen" is getting a second crack at live action success. The landmark limited comic book series is currently under development at HBO, and Damon Lindelof has been tapped to write a potential pilot.

The story of "Watchmen" revolves around superheroes living in an alternate version of the United States in the 1980s in which a legislative act has made superheroes illegal. The comic was written by legendary comics writer Alan Moore and drawn by Dave Gibbons, and it was adapted for the big screen by DC Studios director Zack Snyder. With mixed reaction from critics and audiences alike, the 2009 "Watchmen" film has largely faded into obscurity.

Regardless, HBO is confidently going forward with its television adaptation of the comic, even though the company failed to do the same thing with the property in 2014.

Who is Damon Lindelof?

While not a household name, Damon Lindelof has a successful career as a writer and producer of both television and film. His first hint of mainstream television work came as a co-creator and head writer of "Lost," a drama series that ran for six seasons on ABC.

He went on to collaborate with director J.J. Abrams again on the big screen adaptation "Star Trek: Into Darkness." His feature-length writing credits also include "Prometheus," "World War Z," and "Cowboys & Aliens."

HBO seeks success the second time around

All of these aforementioned big screen scripts are adaptations.

HBO is clearly noting Lindelof's track record of writing credits. Not to mention that Lindelof's last creative venture "The Leftovers" just finished its three-year run on HBO, so the company clearly has trust in its show-runner.

Talks over an HBO "Watchmen" series, according to Collider, began in 2015, when Zack Snyder shopped the idea to the premium cable channel.

The project seemed to fizzle out and Snyder left the conversation. From there buzz over the possibility of a series died down until June of 2017, when Lindelof's name was first floated out as a potential show-runner.

At that time, the project was in the early deal-making phase, with nothing official in place for the series' pre-production.

Now, it looks as if the "Watchmen" television project is getting off the ground.

On Tuesday, Lindelof made an Instagram post containing a photo alluding to the "Watchmen" comic. The photo was taken in a writer's room with the caption "Day One," seemingly indicating to fans that this project is officially underway.