Tiffany Trump is Donald Trump's only child that he had during his marriage with Marla Maples. Ever since the divorce in 1999, Tiffany has lived a relatively normal life, despite her absentee father. Over the election season, we saw Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump speak rather highly of Donald, continuing even now. But now we've learned that Tiffany's older siblings have tried to have her cut out of his will.

The issue of money

As of 2017, Donald Trump's net worth was $3.5 billion. It's safe to say that since his rise in the business world and his rise to fame, Donald Trump and his family has never had to struggle to survive.

Being in possession of so much money also means that when he dies, his children will inherit some of his money as well. Billions of dollars can go quite a long way, even when spread amongst five children. But for Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump, that wasn't enough.

In 2005, Melania Trump was pregnant with Barron, and the three eldest children were already upset. That's when they suggested that Donald take Tiffany Trump out of his will. That was over 12 years ago, but sources say that there is no guarantee that Tiffany is going to get any inheritance from her father.

The absent Donald Trump

After the divorce, Tiffany grew up without her father. She did her best to live a normal life despite her name and was able to even without her father.

It has been stated that although he was absent, Donald still paid for her school, and does to this day. However, anyone who has ever had an absentee parent knows that paying for something like school doesn't always make up for the years growing up without contact.

Sources say that Donald paid for Tiffany's school and apartment, but that's about it.

Tiffany has just started her first year at Georgetown Law School. Although the school is expensive, this is in no way comparable to the money that Donald Trump has spent on his other children. Between their school and his role in their childhoods, there is no comparison. Some want to put the blame on Tiffany, stating that she has had nothing to do with her father.

However, Tiffany Trump is only 23 years old and has been made to feel unwanted by her own father and by her half-siblings.

This whole ordeal is a very complicated situation. For many, it doesn't make sense for Tiffany and her mother to be so supportive of her father and his role as President of the United States after his absence from their lives. Some are already speculating that the support that these two are showing for Donald Trump is a way to have Tiffany included in his inheritance.