"The Young and the Restless" spoilers reveal a final decision is made regarding the Ashby marriage. Cane has done everything he can to reconcile with his wife and children but they can't seem to get over the fact that Juliet is carrying his baby. Lily ran out on a marriage counseling session and now is going to make the painful decision to file for divorce. In making the choice to end her relationship, she may be sending her husband straight into the arms of his baby mama and tearing her family apart forever. Jordan and Juliet will make their moves and LAne will be history.

Jane may now have a chance since Lily is ending Lane

Lily is truly hurting right now for several good reasons. Not only did her spouse cheat on her with another woman, but he is having a baby with her. To add insult to injury, Lily had to use a surrogate in order for the twins to be born. She is devastated that Juliet is carrying Cane's child when she as his wife could not. Because she could not get past this issue, Lily may have handed her husband over to his baby mama. By filing for divorce and giving up on "Lane," she is making room for "Jane" to have a chance.

Once Juliet finds out she may believe she has a shot with her baby daddy. A disgruntled and vulnerable Cane may fall straight into her arms.

With his wife and twins pushing him away, he has nowhere else to go. Bonding with Juliet and the son they are about to have will be the easiest thing for him to do. She may move into the Chancellor mansion with him and they could begin playing house together.

Lily could have stood by her man

When Lily cheated on Cane, he forgave her and they reconciled.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot Mrs. Ashby cannot do the same. The issue of Juliet's baby is simply too much for her to handle. By filing for divorce, Lily is basically giving her husband to his baby mama. The news that she has given up will have repercussions for others in Genoa City as well. Jordan will now believe he has a chance at a relationship with Lily and Hilary will be off the charts.

Spoilers indicate she will continue pushing Cane to reconcile with his wife.

Lily Ashby had the choice to take Cane back and stand by her man. She could have taken the high road and not allowed anything to break up her home. Now her twins will be affected and Mattie will probably find a way to see Reed, in spite of being told not to. Charlie may also act out, because of the disruption to their family unit.

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