Megyn Kelly was a guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, September 20. The two hosts talked about their talk shows. During the interview, Ellen DeGeneres asked Megyn if she would ever have President Donald Trump on her new show. Megyn said she would definitely have a sitting president of the United States on her show. Then Megyn asked Ellen the same question. Without hesitating, Ellen said she would never have President Trump on her show.

Ellen's comment

People in the audience indicated they understood why Ellen said what she did because they began clapping in response to her remark.

However, Megyn was surprised that Ellen would say that. The 59-year-old talk show host explained her comment by saying that Donald Trump is who he is, and he gets enough attention already. He uses his Twitter account to get his message across.

Ellen added that there is nothing she can say to change him, and she doesn't want him to use her show as an avenue for him to speak his mind. She concluded that to have someone on her show, she has to admire the person at least a little. Besides, she doesn't want someone as a guest who is a danger to the country. Then Ellen got a little personal. She said as a gay woman, Trump is dividing the country. To emphasize her position on the matter, she said at the end of her conversation the same thing she told Megyn at the beginning.

She said he just didn't want him on her show.

This is not the first time Ellen has voiced that opinion. Back in May, "Today" show's Matt Lauer asked Ellen in an interview if she would like to have President Donald Trump appear on her daytime talk show. Her answer to Lauer was the same answer she gave Kelly. She told him that Trump is against everything she stands for.

Relationship with Trump

Ellen has never been fond of Donald Trump. So far as President of the United States, he hasn't done anything to make her change her mind about him. Megyn hasn't had the best relationship with President Trump either. After she was the moderator for the debate when he was a candidate for the Republican nomination, he spoke some cruel things about her and accused her of being unfair based on the questions she asked him.

Unlike Ellen, Megyn said she definitely would invite President Trump on her show even though Ellen told her she could say, "No" to the President of the United States if she wanted to.

It is apparent that the two talk show hosts have different agendas for their shows. Megyn Kelly's new show premieres on Monday, September 25 at 9 a.m. on NBC.