Tuesday night was the season finale of "The Haves and the Have Nots." This was Tyler Perry at his best. Candace was her usual vindictive self and Veronica Harrington decided to take revenge on quite a few people. By the end of the episode, however, the tables were turned on her.

Candace remains the same no matter what happens

Candace exploded with anger in the funeral home telling her mother and brother that she was going to make the arrangements for her son's services. They began arguing and Hannah said that God was trying to get her daughter;s attention.

Candace screamed in her mother's face, "You can have your God." She then turned the tables on Benny and Hannah by telling the funeral director she wanted to have her son cremated.

Katherine told Hannah that since she had custody of her grandson she had the right to be in charge but Hannah said "no" because her daughter was little Q's mother. Candace obviously believes her actions will be her revenge on her mother and brother. No matter what happens Candace does not change, She continues to lash out and hurt others with no thought for their feelings. She meets Veronica who tricks her by having her arrested, but she makes bail.

Veronica got revenge but it came back on her

In this one episode, Veronica got revenge on a number of her adversaries.

In addition to having Candace arrested, she went after Jeffrey, Melissa, and Justin. In court, Ms. Harrington had the charges dropped against Candace because she did not own her home at the time Quincy's body was found. She then told the judge that her son Jeffrey was responsible for killing Quincy and had him arrested.

Next, she told the judge who is Justin's wife, to recuse herself from the case and then showed the video of her son and the police officer together.

Veronica then went to the hospital to retrieve Melissa who had tried to abort her baby with a coat hanger. On the drive home, she was verbally abusing the girl when another vehicle began ramming her car. Melissa was so upset from dealing with the grandmother of her unborn child that she grabbed the steering wheel as the car continued to be hit from behind and Veronica lost control.

The car flipped and finally landed on its side. In that moment the driver of the other vehicle was revealed to be officer Justin. He too was tired of being harassed by Jeffrey's mother. The season ended for "The Haves and the Haves with Ms. Harrington getting revenge and then having it come back on herself.