Marvel just doesn’t appear to be done with mutants. They continue to produce more of its comics in forms of different TV series. The latest in line to hit the small-screens soon is “The Gifted.” According to a report by Den of Geek, the first six minutes of the series have now been revealed through the form of a short clipping. The show is being produced by Marvel Television and co-produced by Fox.

The show is essentially going to revolve around two ordinary parents who join a secret organization of mutants to fight for survival. The show’s first season is created and produced by Matt Nix of the “Burn Notice” fame.

The other list of producers includes Bryan Singer, Jim Chory, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner, and Jeph Loeb. Two trailers for the upcoming super-hero series are already out. Interested viewers can check it out on Marvel’s official YouTube channel.

First six minutes

The first six minutes in the clipping pretty much introduce the viewers to the current-day scenario of The Gifted.” The show-runners published a couple of “Mutant Case Files” promos recently. They consist of details on each of the main characters of the show. These characters include Eclipse, Sunspot, and Amy Acker. ActorSean Teale has been hired to play the main character of Eclipse, who is also known as Marcos Diaz in the series.

He boasts of the ability to transform photons into bright, burning lights. There’s Sunspot which is being played by actor, Adan Canto. He is from an alternate reality and turns out to be of great help of Eclipse. “The Gifted,” also has a second lead called Amy Acker, which is being played by actress Kate Stewart.

Characters and the Cast

According to Hollywood Reporter, Acker may seem ordinary at first, but her struggles with family problems will make her stronger than expected. There’s another character called Reed, which will be played by Stephen Moyer. Reed will not be making a lot of appearances, but his presence will be impactful.

He is brave and loyal – two characteristics which are rare to find. Therefore, this will make him much more valuable than one can imagine. According to a report by Variety, there’s another mystery character named Lauren. “The Gifted” writers have hired Natalie Alyn Lind to play said character. She has been described as beautiful and smart. She only later realizes that she is a mutant, too. Rumors also suggest the second season of the show might also come.