“The Flash” season 3 concluded premiered in October 2016. The “The Flash” is one of the most famous shows in the US. As noted by Den of Geek, the season managed to do much better in comparison to season 2. Fortunately, this encouraged its show-runners to renew “The Flash” with yet another season. The super-hero franchise is going to return in the form of a fourth season next month. It is expected that the season 3 will be full of twist and turns.

Here are the cast details

According to a report by Variety, Sugar Lyn Beard has been hired for the role of Rebecca Sharpe or Hazard for “The Flash” Season 4.

This character will make its debut slightly later, perhaps by the third episode of the season. She is going to be the main villain all throughout the latest season. Apart from Lyn Beard, Hartley Sawyer has been hired to play Ralph Dibny, an “Elongated Man,” of DC fame. He is among the most iconic superheroes that serve as an ally to Flash. He is pretty much the Robin to Batman. There are many other new additions. For instance, Danny Trejo will return to play the role of Breacher along with Jessica Camacho, who will play the role of Breacher’s daughter, Gypsy. “The 100” famed, Neil Sandilands will be seen playing the character of “The Thinker,” another metahuman, supervillain that Flash will have to face.

The fourth season is spiraled with an endless list of villains, as even Kim Engelbrecht has been hired to play the devilish role of “The Mechanic.” The list of villains also includes Katee Sackhoff, reports EW. She will be seen playing the role of “Amunet Black.”

Storyline and the plot of the show

The first episode of “The Flash” season 4 is titled, “The Flash Reborn.” Barry Allen’s past and what made him “The Flash,” will be recollected.

There will be many circumstances that will occur simultaneously but special emphasis is applied in his past. There was an official synopsis published on the IMDB page of “The Flash” season 4. According to the description, Barry Allen is going to run up against an “evil time remnant version of himself.” He is going to have to save the life of his loved one, Iris West from “the God of Speed” called Savitar.

He is going to have to face a tough time against all the villains that will keep recurring all throughout the show. To add to this, a personal hell comprising of “his greatest enemy” is awaiting him in the end. The official trailer to “The Flash” season 4 is now out.