"The Bachelor" for next season has finally been named, bringing mixed emotions from Bachelor Nation. Of course, fans wanted Peter Kraus, who wasn't ready for commitment at the end of Rachel's season. He felt it just wasn't enough time to get to the point where he could propose. That is a real clue he wouldn't be ready to take the role of the one handing out roses either. It would still be an expedited dating experience, just with him in power.

Another name floating around Bachelor Nation was Wells Adams. The beloved bartender of "Bachelor In Paradise" has shown a very thoughtful and fun side of himself.

Fans of "The Bachelor" realize he is quite a catch. With Nick Viall being recently single, many of the franchise fans half expected him to retake the role. Thank goodness Mike Fleiss finally stopped turning to Nick as the go to guy. After so many bad experiences with him, it would be better to give someone else a shot.

And the lucky guy is

With that said, let's talk about our next "Bachelor." Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is the lucky man that will be handing out roses next season. Don't remember him? It's alright -- there are a lot of "Bachelor" franchise fans wondering about him too. He was on Emily's season when he made it to the final two.

Over the years he has been considered for "The Bachelor" twice.

The first time was again Sean Lowe who found his wife on the show. The second time was when Chris Soules was selected for the job. The third time was finally his shot, and Arie is excited about it.

While Arie might be a great choice by "The Bachelor" powers that be, for fans it has been too long. There are so many other guys from previous seasons that don't seem so far removed.

Some fans have said on social media they tried to go back and watch his season, but ABC is requiring a payment to view the episodes. Of course, ABC says those episodes will be released for free viewing very soon.

At least it isn't Nick again

For many long-time fans, having Nick Viall on "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette," and "Bachelor In Paradise" was too much.

What should have been a sad story of a nice guy that just keeps falling short of love, was more of a playboy that couldn't be tamed.

Mike Fleiss' comment regarding the state of a split Bachelor Nation was a nice way to ask fans to come together to this decision. Mr. Fleiss is forgetting that fans have already been through enough recently with the scandal that almost ended "Bachelor In Paradise." Rewarding Bachelor Nation with a Bachelor the majority don't want isn't exactly giving fans a reason to keep coming back.