Fans of the “Terminator” series of films are no doubt waiting for the sixth film in the franchise to hit the theaters. While “Terminator” just wouldn’t be right unless Arnold Schwarzenegger was back, it seems Linda Hamilton is also about to reprise her role. James Cameron told the Hollywood Reporter at a private event recently that both actors are on board for the latest film, which he will be producing this time, while Tim Miller of “Deadpool” fame will direct.

'Seasoned warrior' will return to 'Terminator'

Speaking of Hamilton, Cameron said it was meaningful back then to have a woman as an action star, but that having the “seasoned warrior” return will make a huge statement.

He said there are always 50- and 60-year-old guys in the movies, killing the bad guys, but not much in the way of women doing the same thing.

While Schwarzenegger and Hamilton are confirmed to reprise their roles, Cameron did say they are still looking for an “18-something woman” who will become the new centerpiece in the new film, but didn’t say exactly what role that woman will play. However, he said in the new movie they will still be folding time, with characters appearing from both the present and the future.

While most will be new characters to the “Terminator” franchise, he said Schwarzenegger and Hamilton’s characters are there to anchor the story.

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

Hamilton was seen in the original “Terminator” film in 1984 and its sequel in 1991, in the role of Sarah Connor, future mother of the leader of the Resistance, John Connor, and, of course, the Terminator’s prime target.

In the first film, she played a waitress, hunted down by a killer robot from the future. During that film, she learned that in a future where machines take over, she will be the mother of the leader of the human resistance. In the 1991 film, Hamilton’s character was fighting tooth and nail for her son, John.

Schwarzenegger starred in the first three “Terminator” movies and was taking it seriously when he said “I’ll be back.” In past films, Schwarzenegger has played the role of both a good guy and bad killer robot from the future – it is unknown which he will play in the upcoming sequel to “Judgment Day.”

The film will be based on a story penned by Cameron, with both he and Miller working in a writers’ room with several writers to come up with a planned "Terminator" trilogy. He said the films will work as individual movies or may form an overarching story.