Teen WolfSeason 6 is moving towards its end, and with only three more episodes left in the MTV series, the excitement is beginning to reach the zenith. Last Sunday saw the sixteenth episode of the season, and it brought forth some adrenaline-rushing adventure. Beacon Hills was in the grip of paranoia, and it had its impact on Liam and also on students in school, who were stabbing each other to find out supernaturals. The episode revolved pretty much around this deadly phenomenon and ended up in a cliffhanger with a bloody hand hanging in the air.

Fear and paranoia on a free run in Beacon Hills

Triggers” saw fear breaking out in Beacon Hills after Anuk-Ite made its entry and one could see how damaging the powerful creature is. It caused mayhem in the school, making children attack each other with scalpels to eliminate the supernaturals. The Double-Face also captured the subconscious of Liam and had it not been for Theo, Nolan would have died. Even Liam would have been in dire straits, and therefore, the Anuk-Ite has come forward as a major challenge to Scott and his group, and the coming episodes would see it wreaking even more disaster.

Love blooms between Scott and Malia

As had been teased before, “Triggers” also triggered sparks between Scott and Malia and the two locked lips for the first time in the series.

As the duo walked into the weapon room, they found that arms had been whisked off by Gerard as he knew that they would be coming. To make matters worse, the two set off the alarm ending up in a life-or-death situation, and as they struggled to hold on to their lives, Malia realized that she has a lot left undone and owning up to her feelings is one of them.

She realized that she does not want to die before kissing Scott and later at his house, they kiss, but it is followed by chaos.

Gerard plans to eliminate all supernatural beings

Scott and Malia move downstairs to meet Argent, Melissa, Mason, and Lydia. After taking a look at the stolen maps, they realize that Gerard has decided to eliminate all the supernatural beings from the face of the earth.

As they are processing the gravity of the danger that lies ahead, they hear gunshots with glass breaking and ceiling falling. When the shots stop, one can see the house in a dilapidated state, but shivers run down the spine when one sees a bloody hand stretched out into the air.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 next episode “Werewolves of London” airs next Sunday on MTV.