The MTV VMAs concluded on Sunday and a lot happened at the event. The most primary attraction was perhaps, Taylor Swift’s premiere of her latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do.” The singer is known to make songs inspired on the basis of her real life events and this one is exactly that. The song has taken a ruthless jab at every negative aspect that she has experienced in the past year.

Calvin Harris reference

Taylor starts off by making a direct reference to her ex, Calvin Harris. As pointed by The Metro, in the graveyard scene, one can spot a stone with the word, “Nil Sjoberg,” carved on it.

Die-hard fans of Taylor Swift will know that “Nil Sjoberg,” is the name she used for Harris. Back in 2013, Taylor Swift filed a case against DJ David Mueller for allegedly grabbing her backside. Towards the end, she won the case and was awarded a single dollar for it. The graveyard scene is followed by a scene wherein she is seen bathing in a bathtub full of jewels. One can even single out the one dollar on her right side.

A slithering reference to Kim Kardashian

Viewers will be able to spot a single theme throughout the song, the throne of snakes. It has come to believe that the singer is making a direct reference to the celebrity couple, Kim and Kanye West. The song also consists of a car crash, wherein Taylor Swift – who is wearing a leopard skin coat (Katy’s “Roar”) and holding a Grammy – is singing the tunes.

This is believed to be the reference made to her long-time enemy, Katy Perry.

Hiddleston isn’t spared: When it comes to exes, Taylor Swift certainly doesn’t back out from singling out every one of them, regardless how little a time she had spent with them. She makes a sneaky reference to Tom Hiddleston, as one of the background dancers is seen wearing a T-shirt with, “I heart TS,” branded on it.

Goodbye, old Taylor

Her single ends with the lyrics, “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, why? Oh cause she’s dead.” This is believed to be a straightforward indication that she has buried the old, sweet Swift and is now ready to don a stronger personality. There are many other references she has made all throughout the video.

Most of them have been targeted towards Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. When the celebrity couple was asked for a comment on the matter, they did not immediately respond. Sources close to them stated that such things don’t bother them and that, they have better things to worry about, such as their family.