Taylor Swift has become one of the hottest celebrities in today’s generation with her songs earning millions of views and plays on multiple social media and streaming sites. It’s difficult being famous while trying to maintain a normal life at the same time, and sometimes singers and celebrities have to sacrifice spending time with fans for a bit of privacy. In line with this, the pop star was recently booed at after making a quick escape from her Friend’s wedding to her car. While Swift is recognized as one of the more outgoing celebrities, it’s evident that she also wants her time – especially since she’s coming from an intimate event.

Fans diss Swift

There’s no doubt that you would invite a celebrity to your wedding if he or she was your best friend. That’s exactly what Abigail Anderson did as she invited pop sensation Taylor Swift to her intimate event as a bridesmaid. Seeing as how it’s a personal gathering, it’s understood that Swift would want to avoid all of her adoring fans and spend some time with her friends and loved ones instead.

Because of this, Swift decided to make a quick, yet quiet getaway to her car following the ceremony. A line of fans was already waiting for the singer outside in the rain, waiting to greet their idol. Unfortunately for them, her security guards blocked the view with black curtains. The onlookers were displeased with the turn of events and decided to boo and jeer their idol.

TMZ managed to record a video of the fiasco wherein one fan even cried, “We thought you loved your fans! Very disappointing, not cool.”

Trademarking her merch

In other news, the pop star has been filing trademarks for her several titles and caught phrases from her “Reputation” album. Lines like, “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now,” and “Look What You Made Me Do” were all filed with the purpose of possibly being branded for official merchandise.

Swift has her online store open for fans who are looking to either buy her clothes or looking for a way to secure a spot for her inevitable tour, as per TMZ.

Taylor Swift has released two tracks from her album titled “Look What You Made Me Do” and “...Ready For It?” Meanwhile, “Reputation” is slated to launch on November 10 later this year. Swift has partnered up with Ticketmaster in an effort to find a new way to sell her tickets. While the procedure seems pretty shady, it’s a great way to stop scalpers from reselling her tickets.