Female pop artist Selena Gomez and male singer The Weeknd spent their weekend together in New York City, E! Online reported. The two were previously spotted together at Disneyland Anaheim, as they visited the attractions in the theme park.

Last September 2, Gomez and The Weeknd were once again together for a day date in New York City. Just like their coordinate outfits at Disneyland, they also wore matching ensemble. They both wore all-black clothing, such as shirts, pants, and jackets, the photos showed.

The female singer strolled around the Big Apple with her hair styled in an updo, accessorizing the entire look with a bright red-colored purse.

Photos of the couple showed them visiting The Vintage Twin clothing shop and other stores in Manhattan, E! Online added.

The zoomed in shots also revealed the male singer holding what appeared to be his smartphone. They were also seen holding each other’s hands.

Whole day together

An Instagram post showed the couple together with a group of friends in West Village’s Ofrenda, a Mexican restaurant. The entertainment news website reported that Gomez and The Weeknd grabbed some food from the joint.

They also dropped by Lure Fishbar at the SoHo District for lunch. Sources told E! Online that the couple strolled around New York last Saturday morning, and viewed the sights around the Big Apple.

They were together the whole day as the photos showed.

Fans took shots of the couple as they dropped by a pet shop, and spent some time with these animals as the night began.

Weekend dates

The Weeknd and her female singer girlfriend love spending time together during the weekend, with no doubt.

Two weeks ago, they were spotted at Disneyland Anaheim in California and ate some churros.

The two arrived at the theme park a few hours before closing time and tried some of the popular attractions. Just like during their New York date, they were also wearing matching outfits at the theme park. They both wore black track pants, as the male artist wore a Puma jacket and white sneakers.

The “Come And The Get It” singer wore a basic black top, paired with a sweater. She accessorized the whole ensemble with a Louis Vuitton bag, and did some braids to her hair, the report added.

Some of the other locations where the singers were spotted include France, Argentina, and California. Photos shared via E! Online also showed several times they spent with one another in New York City, last weekend’s date included.