“Supergirl” Season 3 will return soon, and at the moment, there are no confirmed details whether her cousin is going to join the adventure. In light of this matter, the bosses of the CW series revealed their side on having Tyler Hoechlin back.

In an exclusive interview, Digital Spy revealed that the “Supergirl” bosses are in favor of Hoechlin’s potential return as Superman. Viewers last saw the man of steel during Supergirl’s (Melissa Benoist) battle against the Rhea, the Queen of Daxam (Teri Hatcher). The villainous mother of Mon-El (Chris Wood) found a way how to control Superman.

As a result, Clark Kent became a weapon against Kara Danvers but not for long. The upcoming season would be a lot more colorful if Hoeclin decides to appear in the series again.

‘Supergirl’ showrunners say yes for Superman

Robert Rovner expressed his desire for Hoechlin’s return saying, “If the story presents itself and Tyler's available, we would love to have him back. We love having Superman on the show." On the other hand, his co-showrunner Jessica Queller also said how she would love the idea of the 30-year-old actor’s comeback as well.

Aside from the executives, Mehcad Brooks to have Hoechlin return in season 3. It can be recalled that Brooks played the role James Olsen, Superman’s iconic best friend.

Brooks wanted to see what Clark Kent’s reaction would be if he finds out that James Olsen suddenly became a hero through The Guardian.

Meanwhile, Brooks also shared that Hoechlin was an amazing person and he was definitely missed. While there are no concrete plans for Superman’s return, Brooks believes that there will always be a place for Hoechlin.

After all, we are not hearing any “Superman” spinoff.

Therefore, to see more of him in “Supergirl” is the ideal option. Tyler Hoechlin recently appeared in the finale episodes of MTV network series “Teen Wolf.”

Reign as the big bad in Season 3

Many fans were waiting for the update of “Supergirl” Season 3’s main villain. Thanks to TV Insider, we finally have some information about the legendary role.

As Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed, Reign (Odette Annable) was genetically created to be a weapon of mass destruction in planet Krypton.

However, she has no idea about this truth. Viewers will see her living in National City as Samantha Arias. In the finale episode of season 2, fans had the first glimpse of Reign when she was an infant, sent from Krypton to Earth. Furthermore, Samantha will reportedly have a close connection with core characters. Kreisberg revealed that it would cause divisions for the Supergirl team. “SupergirlSeason 3 returns on Oct. 9, Monday.