All cling-hangers will be answered over the next two weeks as fall television finally returns.

After waiting months for all the new seasons to begin, fans will now learn the details of a main character's death or how some scandalous drama plays out. Prepare to once again binge-watch the best television shows and create new theories of how these seasons will end. Here are just some shows you could get hooked on this fall.

TV series 'Outlander'

Starz "Outlander" has already returned and is creating new romantic plotlines for viewers to enjoy. Jamie and Claire are once again separated by 200 years of history.

To keep fans waiting even longer, season 3 begins with some of the events that occur in-between the 20 years that go by before Jamie and Claire are reunited.

After giving birth to Jamie's daughter, Brianna, in the 20th century, Claire had to convince herself that Jamie died at the end of season 2 and it was best to move on. However, in last seasons' finale, an old friend gave her a reason to travel back in time once more.

Emmy award-winning 'This Is Us'

The first season was filled with heartbreak, romance, introspectiveness, and a real look at how families interact with one another.

If you completed the first season, then you are yearning to learn exactly how Jack dies and why Rebecca remarries.

"This is Us" has something to offer to every viewer. Some can relate to the real love Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) have and the constant fight they participate in to keep their relationship alive. While others find answers to questions we all think: Am I talented?

Do others consider me attractive? How can I make this relationship work? What would I do without my family?

Season 2 is sure to bring answers to these questions while also creating new ones on its path.

The show won two primetime Emmy awards this year.

Highly anticipated 'The Good Place'

After a truck carrying an advertisement for erectile dysfunction pills fatally crashes into her, Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) wakes up in a heaven-like place, also known as the "The Good Place".

However, Eleanor soon realizes that this was a mistake and she was never meant to be sent to this place at all. She and the rest of the people in the good place have vices that should have sent them to the bad place.

Season 1 ends with a twist hidden in plain sight. Michael, the architect of the so-called good place, is actually a demon developing a new version of hell. By the final episode, Eleanor and the rest of characters in "the good place" are made to forget any of this season ever happened.