"Supergirl" season 3 will have plenty to offer though one regular character will be seen less. This is concerning Maggie Sawyer; a role played by Floriana Lima.

Detective Sawyer was frequently seen last season, but Lima’s desire to explore her options relegated her to an on-call basis. This may affect the ongoing romance she has with Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) who proposed marriage to her before the season finale.

For those who remember it well, there was no answer to that proposal. That could be left hanging next season with Sawyer’s recurring appearance expected to keep fans glued on potential developments.

A shift in focus

To date, nothing official has been revealed on how Sawyer will make her occasional appearances. The show could see a change in focus on other stars. That would include Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) or even Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan).

Other characters in the mix could get some push as well. That would include Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) who have been on neutral ground so far. There were instances of her being tempted to side with Project Cadmus last season though nothing reeled her to the dark side.

Broken hearts club

There is no telling the state of mind Alex will be left in with Sawyer not appearing regularly. There are no plans to kill off Lima’s character, something that was confirmed no less by showrunner Andrew Kreisberg in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Whatever producers have in mind, there is the possibility that Alex and Kara may end up heartbroken. For those who may have forgotten, season 2 also saw the forced departure of Mon-El (Chris Wood) when gas was released to fend off the invasion.

Similar to Lima, there is no official word on whether Mon-El’s character would be killed.

Inadvertently, it could be a case of the sisters needing to deal with complicated relationships. If so, the best thing both can do is keep each other company in the absence of their mates.

In the case of Alex and Maggie, there is that possibility that both may end up parting ways. A lot of that may hinge on the status of Lima who may revert to regular status if she commits to the show.

For now, that remains to be seen.

Whether they get married or not, Kreisberg promised that their diverse characters and stories would remain part of "Supergirl." Seeing that there are droves of fans from the LGBTQ community following the show, producers may need to proceed cautiously in properly handling the Maggie Sawyer- Alex Danvers relationship moving forward.