Star Wars” is known for their secrecy. Much like every major franchise out there, especially with the same magnitude of popularity; Lucasfilm and Disney are strict with their actors regarding spoilers. However, in a surprising turn of events, a member of the production provided us a straight answer to a question nobody thought he would answer.

In a recent article, “Star Wars: Episode VIII” director Rian Johnson was asked a certain question regarding a major character. In his upcoming sci-fi film, who is the “Last Jedi?”

Straight-up with Johnson

Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is a quite an imposing title, with the word ‘last’ and ‘jedi’ together, it gives you the impression that something bad is about to happen.

With the galaxy in the brink of the extinction of the Jedis, “Episode 8’s” title doesn’t pose a good message. The 2nd installment of the new trilogy based on George Lucas’ classic “Star Wars” series might just be the end for this Last Jedi character. With this idea, fans just can’t stop debating who might be the character they’re referring to?

Is it Rey? The orphan from Jakku isn’t even an official padawan yet. Although she’s sensitive to the force and has shown her ability in “The Force Awakens,” she is yet to learn anything about the Force. Is it Kylo Ren? A Jedi who has turned in to the dark side and has pledged his allegiance to Supreme Leader Snoke? He can be, considering his formal training.

When asked the question about the “Last Jedi,” director Johnson straight up answered who it is. The last Jedi is confirmed to be Luke Skywalker. According to the interview, the film maker confirms this by saying that it’s even written in the opening words of the “The Force Awakens.” He explained that from his point of view and to the rest of the people in charge of the story, Luke is indeed the last of the Jedis.

In “Episode 8,” fans will see him secluded on a certain island with an unknown reason.

Luke isn’t hiding

In the same interview, Johnson also shared his thoughts on Luke. When asked about the character’s first lines after the first trilogy, the director answered that one of the first things he thought about was why the Jedi Master on the island.

He shared that he didn’t have a clue and it’s not like he could just invent things instantly for the audience. However, he knows that Luke is not hiding, and he’s definitely not running away because he’s scared. Luke is on the island for a reason.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will premiere in cinemas on December 15.