The “Star Wars” world was shaken after Colin Trevorrow quit as “Star Wars: Episode 9 director. The main reason for his departure is not known but was possibly a mutual decision as the “Jurassic World” filmmaker and Lucasfilm’s ideas for the movie are contradictory.

Cinema Blend reported that the studio may be looking for a new director to replace Trevorrow. As a lot of names emerge, the name of The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is at the top of the list so he might be tapped once again to do another film for the franchise.

The pressure of doing a film for the franchise

Aside from the complicated and intricate storylines of “Star Wars,” its director also has to work with Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm.

The filmmaker has to perfectly execute the studios’ visions for the movie and meet the expectations of the fans. Also, the film’s success will be added to the pressure of working on it.

Apparently, Lucasfilm is having a hard time finding the perfect director for the franchise’s next installment, “Star Wars: Episode 9.” There is a big possibility that to continue the movie's production, they may keep the filmmaker who already knows what to do - Rian Johnson.

Lucasfilm’s safest option

The original plan was that different directors were going to handle every new installment of the sequel trilogy.

However, with Colin Trevorrow’s exit, it looks like Lucasfilm is going to consider tapping Rian Johnson again to direct “Star Wars: Episode 9.”

According to Deadline, there is no official announcement yet whether Johnson is going to accept the deal or not. There is no official done deal yet, but his name is said to be the possible director that could lead the making of the film.

Johnson is also said to be Lucasfilm’s cleanest and safest option as he is just one of the few directors that have worked well with the franchise.

To recall, Gareth Edwards had to do a number of reshoots for “Rogue One” that were observed by another director. Phil Lord and Chris Miller also left “Han Solo” directorial seats while they were in the middle of filming.

The next one who left was Trevorrow.

But on the light side, Johnson hasn’t yet encountered any issues while doing “The Last Jedi.” In fact, he is now polishing the film so it will be ready for its December 13 release. Lucasfilm may have confidence in the outcome if they let Johnson do “Episode 9.” If the studio employs someone new, the same problem may arise again.