There are a few more months until "star wars episode 8: The Last Jedi" comes out in theaters. In the meantime, leaks and tidbits have come to light about the upcoming film especially with its fight scenes and Snoke's home world.

Potential spoilers ahead

A recent report published by Making Star Wars -- and cited by YouTuber Mike Zeroh -- suggests an impending battle between Luke Skywalker, Rey, Kylo Ren, and the Knights of Ren. The recent news also claims that the epic skirmish will happen during the film's third act, and at night.

Per the video, Mike stated that Kylo will try to redeem himself after being humiliated by Rey during their last encounter in "The Force Awakens." His knights, on the other hand, will be ganging up on Luke, though it will be a huge mismatch despite their number.

Badass Luke

An ax-wielding knight initiates the attack against Luke. However, he is Force-pushed back by the Jedi, leading to his death. Luke then ignites his green lightsaber and begins taking down each one of them. Meanwhile, Rey and Kylo's fight leads them toward the edge of a cliff where Rey disappears from the scene -- suggesting that she might have been injured from battle. Luke casually walks toward his nephew as he is about to give him a Jedi beating. However, upon realizing that he's the only one left, Kylo retreats to fight another day.

This scenario is plausible, as the YouTuber highlighted that there were black figures being flung on a beach during the filming of "The Last Jedi" through the use of wires.

Mike added that these scenes took four days to complete and were done sometime in May of this year. He stated that some folks in Ireland claimed that they saw Mark Hamill holding a green rod alongside Adam Driver during filming. Fans are advised not to take these claims too seriously as fake spoilers have surrounded the film since its inception.

Cantonica and the Supremacy

Meanwhile, an alleged leaked photo of Snoke's home planet was also obtained by Mike. The image shows the "Star Wars" production crew taking some wide shots of a field as it is believed to be used in a scene where the supreme leader's Mega Star Destroyer flies off to battle. The YouTuber added that the Cantonica scene will have the least screen time among the planets that were featured in the film franchise.

Just like the above-mentioned scuffle, this should be chewed on with grains of salt.

"Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi will be out on December 15. In the meantime, check out the video about the sequel here: