Star Trek: Discovery” shocked fans during its premiere. The first two hours of the CBS’ sci-fi drama showed us that the galaxy isn’t doing very well. With the rise of a new conflict, what can we expect in the coming episodes?

The new Starfleet officers

Star Trek: Discovery’s” first two episodes introduced the viewers to a new Starfleet crew. At the heart of this new team, First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) acts as the primary character and the central point of the story. Officer Burnham is introduced as a human raised by Sarek (James Frain).

The Vulcan Ambassador is known to many “Star Trek” fans as Spock’s father.

The premiere immediately showed the fans the framework of the first season. During the episodes, we see an incoming conflict between the Klingons and the humans. Klingon Leader T’Kuvma invited the 24 houses to fight the Federation. In order to save her fleet, Burnham went against the orders of Captain Philippa Georgiou (michelle yeoh) and attacked T’Kuvma’s ship. However, the attack wasn’t successful and made the situation worse. This caused the Klingon fleet to launch attacks against several Starfleet ships. In the middle of the action, Captain Philippa died which prompted Burnham to take revenge on the Klingon leader.

After the enormous catastrophe, Burnham is stripped off of her uniform and was sent to prison for mutiny; setting up the stage for the entirety of “Star Trek: Discovery.”

The key word is discovery

Showrunners, Aaron Harberts, and Gretchen J. Berg said that “Star Trek: Discovery” isn’t just about discovering planets and life forms.

According to their interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunners want to emphasize Burnham’s self-discovery in the story. The first two episodes showed her downfall so the viewers can understand where she came from. Will she try and rebuild herself to the same person she was before? Or will she try to discover a new role for herself?

That’s what the two want the viewers to discover in coming episodes.

Aside from this, they also highlighted one of the main concerns of the whole series; the Klingons. According to the premiere, nobody has seen a Klingon in 100 years. However, now that the Federation is officially at war with a race they haven’t seen in a long time-- what will they do?

The showrunners also want to focus on how the Federation will take action to this threat. They’re so used to setting up compromises and making peace with other races they meet. What if they face a group of people who are not interested in peace?

That will be one of the main conflicts of “Star Trek: Discovery.”