In spite of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s hinting that they won’t satirize Donald Trump again, the U.S. President is back in South Park” Season 21. The animated series’ creators earlier revealed that they have decided to let the government do their funny stuff, and they will continue to do their own comedy.

With that, fans will see a few storylines and parodies about the current president, but it won’t be as much of a focus like the previous season. In fact, although he seems to be back, the character is different from the Trump fans used to see.

A response to Trump’s comment about North Korea

In “South Park” Season 21, the parody of the president looks and talks like the real Donald Trump, but he is carrying a different name.

In 2015, Mr. Garrison “raped and killed” the animated series’ version of Melania Trumps husband. He then adapted Trump’s identity and became the U.S. president. However, the new season’s leader is not yet physically seen, although he has been dominating the series’ second episode, "Put it Down," with his tweets about North Korea.

The show’s latest episode also looked like a response to Trump’s speech to the United Nations on Tuesday, Huffington Post reported. The former television personality made a threat to “totally destroy” the East Asian country and even called its supreme leader Kim Jong-un a “rocket man.”

A song for North Korea and Trump

“South Park” Season 21 Episode 2 started with a young student named Tweek.

He was playing a song about the current political issues for a talent competition at a local school.

While playing on his piano, producing inharmonious sounds, which seemed like howling, he yelled that North Korea is about to kill everyone and it is the president’s fault.

After his performance, he ran off stage. His boyfriend then convinced him to send cupcakes to the East Asian country, so its supreme leader will know that they don’t feel the same way as their president.

His gesture could have worked until their leader tweeted that Tweek “took a dump in the batter.” As things got worse, South Park ended up receiving a missile from North Korea.

A pledge to Trump

Evidently, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are having a hard time keeping their hands off Donald Trump.

The second episode even suggested that the president should put his phone down.

At the end of the episode, Tweek, his boyfriend Craig, and other kids join in to sing a song about the dangers of using a smartphone. Even Hillary Clinton appeared to take the pledge.