Kirsten Dunst revealed in a previous interview with MTV that she found Marijuana policies in America absurd and that the world would be a better place if everyone smoked weed. But, it seems that the actress went through a bizarre situation on the set of her new film, “Woodshock." In her recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Dunst opened up about her experience of being stoned on the set.

Kirsten Dunst's new film 'Woodshock'

The Tuesday episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” was noteworthy because of the charming presence of Kirsten Dunst, who appeared on the show for promoting her new film.

The plot of “Woodshock” revolves around Theresa a.k.a Dunst, whose life is tormented by a profound loss. In order to escape the harsh reality, she turns to a deadly drug that turns her to a paranoid.

Needless to say, the movie involves a number of scenes, where Dunst was smoking weeds, and during one such take, an actual joint rolled with marijuana made its way to the “Spiderman” actress and eventually stoned her on the set. The actress explained that normally, the actors smoke fake pots on the takes, which are filled with tobacco (for the smokers) or other herby stuff, for example, Oregano. So, Dunst was clueless about the weed until she returned to her room for rest.

Dunst opens up about her experience of being stoned on set

Dunst ate very less that day, and as soon as she headed towards her room, she felt like she was losing her mind. She started panicking and called her director as she wanted to go to the hospital.

"I'm shaking. I'm hot. I'm just flipping out," added the actress. After that, one of the producers visited her and told her that she smoked a full blunt after examining her room and the action props.

On being questioned about the real pot, Kirsten Dunst said that the locals, who rolled the joints for them might have slipped some in, playfully.

Even though Kirsten Dunst never disapproved weed smoking, she had never been a major smoker. Even in her previous interviews, she mentioned that excessive weed smoking could destroy the creativity of an individual.

The actress admitted that she dislikes smoking a complete joint because the Humboldt weeds are very strong and so that day turned out to be a complete mess without any further shooting. Dunst said she had never been that stoned till date in her life."I was like crying, laughing, eating a peanut butter sandwich," said the actress, and thus she was sent back to her home.

Watch the “Spiderman” actress recollecting her experience at the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show :