South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that they were indeed returning with the show’s 21st season. It is scheduled to premiere on September 13 exclusively on Comedy Central.

The show is back

One of the best things about this show is that the creators work on each episode, a week before its airing. So, while they were able to talk about the first episode of its 21st season, they couldn’t provide much information about the future ones. The duo even spoke about the last season, and how stressful it was for them.

Addressing the “Trump controversy,” they said that they are not actively putting that bit in, but they are also working towards not eliminating the subject altogether. Last season consisted of a character named “Mr. Garrison,” who had a striking resemblance to US President Donald Trump.

This obviously riled up a lot of hatred, judgment, and negativity around the show and its creators. They were also hoping that Hillary Clinton would be elected as President and thus, detailed out the storyline accordingly. When asked what the upcoming season will primarily consist of, Parker replied by saying that he wants Cartman to start a romantic relationship with Heidi Turner. Member Berries, on the other hand, will revolve around Spielberg’s “Ready Player One.” As noted by NME, this season’s trailer is out too.

The video showcases Cartman as saying, “This is How We Do It.” The setting appears as if the main characters are returning to old school tactics.

The history of the show

Last season of “South Park” revolved around President Trump and his election battle with Hillary Clinton. The writers were very disappointed with their work.

Trey Parker even told The Ringer that they did not intend for the show to be a political show. Both Parker and Stone admitted that they were too worn out by the end of the show. As noted by Den of Geek, the show creators now want to keep the topical stuff aside and go back to why “South Park” became a hit in the first place.

Fans can watch the live-streaming of its first episode on DirecTV Now and Sling TV. For those who miss it, can catch up on Comedy Central. Most of the episodes are usually also made available on South Park’s official website ( Many speculations are suggesting that the show has been renewed until season 23. Comedy Central and “South Park’s” showrunners have apparently signed a contract for the same.