Mel B has been a judge on "Americas Got Talent" over the past few years and has been offered a huge contract to continue her work with the show. Simon Cowell has expressed his intention to win Mel B over and hoped that she would sign a contract with the show for 2018.

Cowell does not want to change judges

According to the Sun, Simon Cowell has offered former "Americas Got Talent" judge Mel B a $2 million contract to remain on the show. Cowell has stated that Mel B has been unsure about returning to the show. In a report by the Daily Mail, Cowell explained that he wants to have the same judges on the panel for the shows run during the New Year, 2018.

Cowell has stated that while Mel B can be a pain that she is also incredibly talented and is a great judge. Though the two have had their differences in recent times, it is clear that Cowell knows Mel B's worth to the show. He stated that he is determined to keep the same judge's panel that they have had in the past and is doing everything in his power to convince Mel B to stay.

In a report by Metro, Simon Cowell is aware that Mel B is currently undergoing legal battles with her estranged husband and has extended her offer for the show. Cowell knows that Mel B is struggling both emotionally and financially and wants to help the fellow judge in any way he can.

Mel B is in some financial trouble

According to the Daily Mail, singer Mel B is experiencing some financial trouble as of late as she is undergoing an intense court case with her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte.

The couple separated several months ago and had been trying to get their divorce ever since. However, the situation has been complicated by claims made by each side of the part.

In a report by Metro, it has been revealed that Stephen Belafonte has played a part in spending the $38 million that Mel B has earned throughout her working career.

Belafonte has made claims that Mel B has been struggling with both drug and alcohol abuse and that he fears for the safety of their children. Stephen has since filed for visitation rights, and the case is currently ongoing.

According to the Sun, Mel B has hit back with claims of her own and has claimed that Stephen Belafonte abused her both physically and emotionally.

She stated that she is worried for the well-being of her kids if Belafonte is granted visitation rights.

Mel B has not yet commented on whether or not she will accept the offer put forward by Simon Cowell. Fans are hoping to see the judge on the panel for "Americas Got Talent" in 2018 and are eagerly awaiting her response.