News that Kylie Jenner is pregnant have been spreading around the internet and fans have been waiting for Tyga to weigh in on his ex's news. Tyga and Kylie were together for a couple of years before they decided to end their relationship. Tyga already has one child with ex Blac Chyna.

Rumors that Kylie Jenner is pregnant

According to the Indian Express, rumors that Kylie Jenner is pregnant have surfaced over the past week. The rumors claim that Kylie is pregnant with her boyfriend Travis Scott's baby. There have been reports that Kylie and Travis have begun to tell their close family and friends about the pregnancy.

Kylie and Travis Scott have been dating since earlier this year 2017. Jenner took a break of a few months between boyfriends as she and ex-boyfriend Tyga split up at the beginning of 2017. While the rumors of Kylie's pregnancy have been spreading fans, have been waiting for a sign of confirmation from Jenner or the Kardashian family.

As of yet, there has been no confirmation the Kylie is pregnant, however, in a report by Stuff, it has been confirmed that recent photographs of Kylie have been cropped at the star's mid torso. This has fueled rumors further, however, without concrete evidence Jenner's pregnancy can only be taken as speculation at this point.

Tyga claims that the baby is his

According to Yahoo Entertainment, rapper Tyga has claimed that Kylie Jenner's baby is his and not Travis Scotts.

Tyga and Kylie dated each other for two years before they split earlier in 2017. The couple has a long history together including the fact that Kylie was ready to have a child with Tyga.

In a report by Stuff, fans were wondering how Tyga would react to the news that his ex was pregnant with her new boyfriend. As if turns out they did not have to wait long before Tyga reacted to the news.

The rapper posted a snapshot to his story stating that Kylie's baby was his. He included several purple devil emoji with this claim. However, the rapper has since deleted this claim leaving fans more confused than ever.

It is possible that Tyga heard the news about Kylie's pregnancy and wanted to stir some trouble for his ex.

Fans are speculating that Tyga was trying to send Kylie a message through the post but deleted it as he regretted his attempts of dragging his ex through the dirt.

Tyga has not commented on his claims and fans are eagerly waiting for the rapper to address his claims. Kylie has addressed her ex's claims and appears to be focusing on spending time with her friends and family.