Sharon Osbourne has come forward with an admission that her husband has cheated on her over the past few years of their marriage. The celebrity has publicly announced this to the media as there were rumors surfacing about Ozzy Osbourne's infidelity. Fans were shocked by this announcement as if follows the earlier news that Ozzy cheated in 2016. Sharon has been open about her experience and has revealed the next steps for her marriage.

The celebrity was shocked by her husband's admissions

According to the Daily Mail, Sharon Osbourne has recently revealed that her husband Ozzy Osbourne has cheated on her several times throughout their marriage.

Osbourne cheated on Sharon most recently in 2016 however, it appears that the couple was able to put their past behind them as they recently celebrated their wedding anniversary.

Sharon has opened up about the experience of finding out her husband was cheating. The celebrity revealed that she was incredibly hurt and confused as her husband was not targeting famous people but was rather filling a void in his life. Sharon revealed that she found out about the affairs when Ozzy accidentally sent her an email that was meant for one of his mistresses.

Ozzy is now going through therapy for sex addiction

According to The Sun, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are attempting to save their marriage. It has been confirmed that Ozzy Osbourne has signed up for therapy and plans to tackle his sex addiction.

Osbourne admitted to cheating on his wife with six different women last year and has claimed that he feels terrible about what he has done.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Sharon has revealed that the cheating has been going on for five years. She stated that she and Ozzy have been dealing with his infidelity since 2016 and has revealed that the media has only found out about the cheating in the last few weeks.

She revealed that she has hope that she and Ozzy will be able to deal with his infidelity as they have been through so much together. The couple has had their fair share of obstacles throughout their marriage such as drinking and drug addiction.

Sharon has revealed that initially when she found out about the cheating that she forced Ozzy to move out of the home.

She explained that it was not an easy decision to get back together with her husband and has explained that she and Ozzy have since reunited and are now living together again. Ozzy Osbourne has not made any comments about his infidelity to the media but is clearly sorry for cheating on his wife.

It appears that the couple is making efforts to fix their marriage and are still very much in love.