Serena Williams went into labor on the August 31 and has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Celebrities and fans have taken to social media to congratulate Serena on the birth of her daughter and have expressed messages of love and support for the new mother. It appears that many of the tennis stars fans believe that Serena's daughter will be following in her mother’s footsteps and will be joining the tennis world.

The star welcomes her first child

According to NDTV Sports, Tennis champion Serena Williams gave birth to her daughter on September 1st at St Mary's Medical Center.

The 36-year-old tennis star accidentally announced her pregnancy in April 2017 when she uploaded a snap chat to her story rather than sending it to one of her friends.

Serena was admitted into the hospital on August 31st when she went into labor and later gave birth to her first child. Williams and her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian, are said to be delighted and have been receiving several messages of love and congratulations.

In a report by BBC, the news of Serena Williams' daughter was broken by the tennis star's coach. Patrick Mouratyoglou sent a message of congratulations to his long-time friend and told her to rest up and enjoy the time with her daughter.

The news reached Serena's sister Venus just as Venus was about to go into court for her involvement in a fatal traffic collision, where an elderly man was killed.

The family is suing Venus for wrongful death and it appears that the courts are siding in favor of the victim's family. Venus has stated that she is delighted for her sister but that she cannot talk about anything other than tennis at the present time.

Messages of congratulations have been flooding in online

According to the BBC, several members of the public, as well as celebrities, have been posting their messages of congratulations to Serena Williams and new father Alexis Ohanian.

Beyoncé left a message for Serena on Twitter and included a photograph that Serena had previously taken of herself and her baby bump.

Fans have been posting their messages of love and congratulations to Serena Williams and have made some jokes about her daughter becoming the next tennis superstar. One fan commented saying that Serena's daughter will become a tennis champion four minutes after her birth.

Other celebrities have also been expressing messages of love to Serena and have teased the tennis pro about her daughter following her example. Family and friends are delighted for Serena and it appears that the tennis champion has a significant amount of support.

Neither Serena Williams or Alexis Ohanian have commented about the birth of their daughter and it is clear that they couple want some privacy with their new daughter.